Tools of the Trade: Smart Phone

I put it off as long as I could. Okay, if I’m perfectly honest, by the time I made my decision, I was ready. Ready to emerge out of the dark ages and join the legions of smart phone users. Figuring out which one to buy was quite the ordeal, but in the end I … Continue reading

Writer’s Life: The Pitch

I am not creative. Period. Full stop. Whatever. And the worse part is: I love creativity. I love creative work. I love creative people; I want to be around them. I want to be them. Creativity paired with skill and discipline and passion — that’s the goal. The ideal. Why am I talking about this? … Continue reading

Current Obsession: London Fashion

Just a few things I picked up during my vacation in London. Only wish I had done a better job shopping while I was there.        

Tools of the Trade: In My Purse

I thought I’d do my own version of those “what’s in her purse?” pieces you often see in fashion magazines. Here goes!

The “nephew”

He’s actually my cousin’s son, not my nephew. But we were born six days apart; I came early, he came late. And you would never guess that we’re related since he’s practically twice my size (you should see our baby picture — I’ll have to find time to pull that one out of the archives).