Tools of the Trade: Smart Phone

I put it off as long as I could. Okay, if I’m perfectly honest, by the time I made my decision, I was ready. Ready to emerge out of the dark ages and join the legions of smart phone users. Figuring out which one to buy was quite the ordeal, but in the end I went with my gut and bought the Galaxy SII, and I’m really glad I did. It’s fast, lightweight and easy to use.

I had several reasons for avoiding smart phones:

1) All my crackberry-addicted friends whose phones are permanently glued to the palm of their hand.

2) The exorbitant phone prices and data plans. I seriously dislike (I thought about using “hate”) phone companies.

3) The inability to “turn off” from work, from people, from over-stimulation. And my tendency to check email and social media every other minute because I’m OCD like that.

4) I like paper, and technology (generally) does not like me. It’s like joining forces with your mortal enemy. It’s that dramatic.

5) I’m stubborn.

Of course, the time a smart phone would have been most useful has come and gone. Now that I’ve quit my job, I thought, “Well, that was pointless.” But actually, I’ve been pleasantly surprised how useful my phone has turned out to be, especially as I pursue a career as a writer.

Against all odds (I told you technology hates me), I managed to sync my phone calendar with my Google calendar with my iCal. I’m now using them to create a content calendar for regular blogging — I can access, add and edit on the go. I also have all my writing deadlines on the calendar to keep me motivated and on track.

Using Evernote, I can keep track of brainstorm ideas, interesting articles, and mobile images and organize them for quick reference later. And I no longer need to carry around my bulky tape recorder and fat camera (though I still want to invest in a DSLR — suggestions anyone?). The swipe function lets me take notes without having to search through my bag for pen and paper.

I still cling to the “good old days.” I still use my DayTimer. I still like to flip through magazines and thumb through books. I still refuse to believe that print is dead. But yes, I finally have to admit, I like having a smart phone.

One Response to “Tools of the Trade: Smart Phone”
  1. Randy says:


    I was playing with a co-worker’s Galaxy S II a couple days ago. Makes my Captivate (original Galaxy S) seem so slow.

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