Tools of the Trade: In My Purse

I thought I’d do my own version of those “what’s in her purse?” pieces you often see in fashion magazines. Here goes!

1. Digital Camera – My friend graciously gave me this Canon IXY Digital 800 IS to help me capture article-related images. I love the compact size, but I’m beginning to think that I might need to upgrade to a DSLR soon if I want to keep up with the high quality photography being used to accompany content these days.

2. Field Notes “GRAPH PAPER” FN-01 3/16” (5mm) with graph paper – Also given to me by a friend, only this time it was payment for borrowing some library books. Fair exchange I’d say. I like the graph paper because I can keep my columns straight. The small size is great too.

3. Day Timer Black Framed Vinyl Starter – I pretty much obsessed over this until I bought one. I know that people use smart phones and iCal to keep track of appointments and such, but paper and pen work a lot better for me. I like the Day Timer because it helps me plan out my day-to-day schedule and to track my work progress. I love being organized.

4. Muji Recycled Paper Notebooks Ruled – I think writers have a strange love affair with paper. I bought these Muji notebooks while I was in London, and they’ve proved really handy for taking notes and brainstorming ideas on-the-go.

5. JournalBooks Blue Pedova Series Journal – A professor friend was cleaning out her art studio and forced us to take exorbitant amounts of paper products. This navy blue journal was thrown onto the pile I took home with me that evening; now I’m using it as my personal diary. It’s beginning to weigh my purse down though.

6. Pylones White Flower Pocket Case – During my first trip to Paris, I bought this pocket case (I believe it was designed for cigarettes) without knowing what I would use it for. Turns out it’s the perfect place to store business cards without them getting crinkled or destroyed around the edges.

7. Muji Black Gel Ink Ball-Point Pen 0.38 – I always have at least four or five different pens on me at all times (I really like R.S.V.P. Ballpoint Pens). Again, this one is a gift from a friend. I like pens that write smoothly and that aren’t overly inky; I have a permanent smudge on my right pinky.

What other things should writers carry with them at all times? What are your favorites?

One Response to “Tools of the Trade: In My Purse”
  1. tiff says:

    that’s a cigarette case???? i never knew that!

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